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I'm Tom, I'm a designer. I build products that grow out of an understanding of people, and their experiences of our physical and digital worlds.

Currently I am:
Principal at Thomas Buchanan.
Co-producer of This Happened Bristol.
Industry friend and tutor at Hyper Island.
Co-founder of raincloud.
Resident of the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.

And Recently/Next:
Interaction 16 – Helsinki, Finland – ‘Prototyping IoT’ – Workshop Facilitation
SXSW – Austin TX, USA – ‘Subtle Interfaces: Designing For Calm Tech’ – Panel
Woodlore First Aid and Medical Training – WEM1 and EFAW

NB – site is a work in progress, some of it may not be finished... 😊 tom.

latest update: 21st March